Just Product Development
Prototype to production

Just Product Development is an Engineering Design & Manufacturing Company. As a market leader we continuously strive to maintain and improve our mutual beneficial long term business relationships with all our clients through sound business principles and integrity.

Our forte, namely Product Development, includes PROTOTYPE DESIGN up to PRODUCTION MANUFACTURING. By investing in expert human resources, CAD design best practises and the latest manufacturing processes, Just Product Development will continue to create sustainability in the Product Development industry and thereby keep on creating career opportunities for individuals over a broad spectrum in the engineering industry.

Product Development

Ideas for new products are fantastic, but how do you get them into the market? Our experienced design team will guide and assist you to bring your product idea to live.

Non-disclosure agreements are put in place upfront and information shared is therefore handled with the necessary confidentiality clauses in place.

CAD Design and Draughting

Very few products could be successfully produced without going through a 3D CAD design process and no proper 2D manufacturing drawings. Most manufacturing processes these days also require CAD files for machining and manufacturing purposes, e.g. CNC milling, CNC turning, laser cutting, plasma cutting, etc.

By rendering this complete service, in-house or at your premises, reduces the time to market of your products.

Prototype & Production Manufacturing

Once your detail CAD design is done it is important to manufacture a prototype as soon as possible afterwards for evaluation purposes. Possible design errors and afterthoughts need to be identified and implemented. Production manufacturing processes also need to be addressed at this stage to produce accurate and quality production products.

Our in-house capabilities in this regard as well as a sound industry support base ensure that lead times are drastically reduced in order to finalise product designs for production purposes.

Rapid Prototyping

By using our 3D CAD models, parts or assemblies could easily be used to 3D print scale models for evaluation purposes and input to further detail designing.

Special Procurement

Establishing and maintaining a streamline procurement infrastructure in a company is an expensive exercise.

Once you have supplied us with your manufacturing drawings and bill of material we’ll handle all your manufacturing and bough-out item requirements on your behalf.

Quality Assurance

All manufactured parts are accurately measured to ensure conformity to drawings. Material certificates could also be supplied on request.

Technical Documentation

It is crucial to generate and maintain product technical documentation accurately and practical. Electronic copies are supplied for record and future reference purposes. Technical Documentation services include: Installation Manual, Operator’s Manual, Maintenance Manuals, Parts Manual, etc..

Refurbishment, Construction & Maintenance

Do you need to refurbish your factory or plant? Do you need to construct steel structures? Or do you require maintenance to be done on your production equipment? If so, please contact us. No job is too big or small for our dedicated team of fitters and welders to handle.

Markets we Serve

Our value adding and costing structure have proven to be viable for all of our clients within the Military, Rail, Mining, Medical, Material Handling, Automation and Industrial Engineering industries. We also assist Entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into tangible products.

Our Portfolio

These are some of our past projects

Product Development

CAD Design & Draughting.

All designs are done using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Time to market is reduced drastically and future changes or upgrades are easy to implement.

Prototype & Production Manufacturing.

All designs are done using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Time to market is reduced drastically and future changes or upgrades are easy to implement.

Rapid Prototyping

Special Procurement & Quality Assurance

Refurbishment, construction & maintenance